5 Things to do when it's FROSTY out!!!

1.  Vitamin D drops!!
Ever since I saw a doctor when I was nutritionally depleted after my son was born, I have taken vitamin D drops.  This recent deep freeze us northerners have been experiencing as of late is another good reason to take this important supplement !!!

2.  Juice!!!
I am very very enthusiastic and excited about experimenting with the new juicer I got for Christmas!  I have done a lot of research on juicing and I am already seeing results in it's affecting my energy level overall mood and skin!! JUICE ON!!!  If you're interested, the juices I have been drinking as of late have been packed with leafy greens, apples, celery, carrots, lemons etc.

3.  Clean makeup brushes

I am so guilty of hardly ever doing this...but my excuse is usually telling myself, hey I don't live in a muggy and over polluted city, so my brushes can't be that dirty, right????

4.   Cabbage Stew and Cottage Pies!!!

Just what is a cottage pie? It's like an American's traditional shepherds pie only the herbs spices and things like black beans make it different and oh so yummy!!!  Simply perfect for the drop in temperature say oh about -20°!!!!! 

5.  Family bonding time!!

 This is my favorite out of them all !  one can never experience enough family bonding time in my book and whether you're keen on it or not, lack of a working vehicle several inches of frost and below freezing temperatures force us Northern New Englanders to stay close and near to those we love !!!

Stay warm and get your cozy slippers on!!!

..……until next time!!!


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