Ode To Woolworths - More Than A Department Store...

Back in the 90s, when all was well and right, Woolworths still exsisted.  I was lucky to have one in my hometown and even luckier to have one with an original Woolworths Luncheonette.

For some reason there was an old turnstile at the entrance of the diner, similar to:

You, of course didn't have to go through it but I insisted each and every time.  I went so often to eat with my mom and best friend, the waitress knew our orders every single time.

Since my local Woolworths closed, The incredibly bland Peebles opened in its place.  For the past 19 years, the people of my community have had to travel 40 minutes just to buy items such as clothes hangers.  Now, I believe I speak for the majority of the people in my community and many other small towns in similar circumstances when I say, I'd rather shop at a Woolworths than Wal-mart.

Recently, I was extatic to learn that my hope of experiencing the delicious splendor of The Woolworths diner can be restored- IF I visit Bakersfield, CA or Ashville, NC.

I have found two diners left (if you know of any others, PLEASE let me know!).  The first, in Bakersfield, CA is an antique shop, which was previously a long standing Woolworth location.  The "Woolwooth" lettering still exists on the cement at the entrance.  The diner has been kept in pristine condition and true to its original look.

I encourage you all to support this establishment by liking them on facebook:

The second, in Asheville, NC is also located in an old Woolworth building.  Now being used as an art gallery, the diner area of the building is still being used!  Click here for more information.

If you are feeling as warm and fuzzy as I am remembering Woolworth's aka "Wollies" and want to find out more, you must visit this thread where people have posted recipies similar to dishes served at Woolworth's.

From all that I've read, the most missed meal from the Woolworth's diner, is actually a GRILLED CHEESE sandwich and their COLESLAW.

Here is an orginal menu from the 50s:



Still can't get enough Woolworth's nostalgia?  There is a book called, Remembering Woolworths available on amazon.

In closing, I really hope that more of these Woolworth diners open.  The website, www.Brandlandusa.com, much loved by myself, lists F.W. Woolworth at #2 on his list of, "100 Dead Brands To Bring Back."  Garland Pollard writes, "What a waste to lose this American company."  I couldn't agree with him more.

Signs Of Woolworth's past...

F.W. Woolworth July 18, 1879 - Jan 5 2009

**If you have any interesting information re: Woolworths/photos/stories to share, please comment  :)

More Information:

*The Woolworths brand in Australia has no historical ties to The F.W. Woolworth Company.
*click here to read about the company's founder, Frank Winfield Woolworth

disclaimer:  I do not own the righs to the images above.

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