My Retro Shampoo Collection!

Now, obviously I bought these for nostalgic reasons...I hadn't smelled the original Herbal Essences for 10 years and it brought me back to summer days out in my parent's pool house.  Now, as for the others, I regret I was too young to have had the chance to previously try them.  Except for Jhirmack- which I never had any desire to try but once a product is gone you suddenly become interested.

My favorite?  Herbal Essences.  Most of these shampoo's formulas were sold soley to The Vermont Country store and they are very true to the original.

Now, just because a shampoo SMELLS good and it brings back gooey memories doesn't mean it's good for your HAIR.  These shampoos will dry the heck out of your hair.  I recommend using a deep conditioner with these shampoos.  The quality of the "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" conditioner is equal to the shampoo at a cheap motel.  Lemon Up is the most refreshing shampoo, as it is, well, lemony!

Most used-  Personally, even though my favorite shampoo is Herbal Essences, the most used shampoo out of this bunch is Lemon Up.  It doesn't dry my hair out as bad as the others and I tend to lean towards citrusy smells anyway.

Most treasured-  Now, only a crazy person would have this as a category, I fully admit and I'm ok with.  Lustre-Creme is my most treasured shampoo.  My jaw just about dropped when I saw this at The Vermont Country Store.  I had seen all of the old hollywood commercials including one with my favorite gal, Vera-Ellen.  You will want your own, too!

Happy (Nostalgic) Shampooing!!

...........until next time......

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Anonymous said...

where did you find the jhermack?

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