Shirley Temple And Other Classic Halloween Inspiration!

As a lifelong Shirley Temple fan, obviously I dressed up as her for Halloween one year.   I think it's an excellent idea- so here is some inspiration and tips:

In order for people to REALLY know you're Shirley, you must first need to wear a replica of a dress similar to the one she wore in her film, Stand Up And Cheer.

I wasn't able to find a clear colorized photo, but the dots and ribbon are red.  :)  You will also need some white shoes.

Of course, any Shirley costume would not be complete without a head of curls!  56 pin curls to be exact!  Don't forget Shirley's trademark curl on her forehead!  *Shirley Temple Trivia* - This curl became a trademark by accident DUE to an accident- Shirley accidentally fell outside on a brick walkway and cut her forehead open just before an audition!  Her mother covered up the cut up with a sweet curl! :)

Here's a black and white clip from the film:

Halloweeny Shirley photo!

If you're not crazy about being Shirley, perhaps you could take some inspiration from this photo of a grown up Shirley from 1948 wearing a lovely blonde wig and 18th century costume:

Now that we've covered Shirley, here are some cool classic Halloween photos for your Halloween enjoyment!  

Until next time.....


Lizzy said...

I love Shirley, she looks so cute in that dress, I would like to do it to my daughter.

Diana said...

Thank you for the comment, Lizzy! You definitely should :)

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