The Twist And Peanuts Style Dancing!

It's time to do THE TWIST!!!

A few days ago, I caught this compilation tribute to The Twist- the 1960 song released by Chubby Checker.  The day after I saw this, I went to a wedding and guess what they played?? Yep!  I had so much fun twisting with my husband, although secretly wished I wore something a bit more "twist-able" like some of the outfits you'll see below:

Look! It's Audrey- doing what looks like- The Twist!!

Could Elizabeth Taylor be doing the twist as well?!?!  What do you think?

Good 'Ol Chubby & Friends

The Twist- As Seen On Mad Men!


NEXT- Let's visit another interesting style of 1960s dancing.  It's called, The Walk around in circles or stand still while whaling your arms up and down.  If anyone out there knows if the dance below does, in fact have an actual name, I'd very much like to know!!

First- for your viewing pleasure: Del Shannon and his 1961 classic, Runaway.  Pay VERY close attention to the woman in the back at the beginning... haha - very Austin Powers, baby.

Finally- I couldn't help but see the similarities between the above dancing and the Charlie Brown Christmas dance, below:

Until next time....   

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