Here's What's Percolating...

Yesterday was a cold, rainy day.  Perfect for percolating coffee.  Why, how do you percolate coffee exactly?  It had been so long that I, too forgot!  So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a treasure indeed:  How To Percolate Coffee, brought to you by the Coffee Brewers Institute. 

*Hint- to fast forward to the actual instructions, go to 5:17-  It's also where you'll see a lovely treasure I have been eyeing-  Stardust coffee percolator!! -If you see one anywhere, be sure to send me an email!!!

I haven't been this excited about a blog post since my post about the "American Look" from 1958.  Yes, it's true, folks.

Now, you, too can enjoy a REAL cup of coffee- not this K-cup business!!!  :)

Until next time....

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