Extremely Rare Clip - Vera-Ellen On Perry Como!

Hi All! I hadn't seen this until it was posted a short while ago. It really is a must-see as Vera-Ellen clips are VERY hard to come by anyway! I love how relaxed she is here and not the slightest bit out of breath when she finishes the exuberant dance! What a gal!


Anonymous said...

Vera Ellen... I'm certain she appeared in one of the later Marx Brothers films.

Anonymous said...

Hi, me again. I checked my Marx Brothers files, and sure enough, Vera-Ellen danced in "Love Happy" the very last Marx film.
Here is a clip:


Diana said...

You are right! I have done a fair amount of V-E research. She deserves much more recognition as being one of the greatest dancers of all time! Thank you for the comment!

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