Yup, 25 years old today!

I "incidentally" (hint hint) share the same birthday as my favorite guy on TV, too..........Can you guess who?.......

I have made it clear to my husband that he WILL be enduring a feature birthday flick of my choice tonight to celebrate :) .....And he knows exactly what that means: SHIRLEY or DISNEY. But which to chose? I admit he has sat through a few films, but being that it's my birthday he has no choice so I'd better pick something good! Any suggestions?

Shirley always had the best birthdays didn't she?


Every birthday I always think about that episode of I Love Lucy when Lucy thinks everyone forgot her birthday! It's hysterical... and I admit, I too sometimes get the birthday blues.


But it's really not about how many friends you have it's having that one person you can count on, and if you're lucky, a family who loves you no matter what!


I feel so grown up!


This was the year I got married, to my wonderful prince who I love more than anyone in the world!



Jessilyn said...

Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day today.

I love your wedding photo, you look beautiful!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

love these photos and your blog, so lovely!

Unknown said...

why thank you!!

Lizzy said...

25 .......just 25 , what a great age!
I insist, the photos you show in your blog are great!

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