Just a few Thoughts About The MANDY Number...

1. When you hear "MANDY!" and see Vera-Ellen you get chills.

2. Vera-Ellen's sparkly red gloves are way cooler than Rosemary's.

3. Vera-Ellen's hair is WAY more festive and the red bows are precious!!!!

4. Vera-Ellen shows more sass and piazazz in this number than Rosemary does in the whole film.

5. In the "Mandy" number, when the cameras cut to Rosemary and others shaking their tambourines, your mouth is left wide open because of the amazingness of Vera-Ellen's dancing, yet another example that she was clearly THE star of this movie.

6. Who else would have been able to dance down a staircase like that in high heels and be thrown down a staircase and into a backflip with ease?????

7. Who's not confident??? It takes a lot to feel comfortable wearing a skin tight outfit like that! ....And Vera-Ellen was probably the only one in Hollywood who could pull it off.

8. This number proves she was THE BEST, most well trained, athletic, talented, dancer to ever appear on screen.

So, yeah..... I'm just sayin!!! :)

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