Quotes From and about the lovely Vera-Ellen

By Vera:

“Donald O’Connor taught me the sheer joy of Dancing”

“Just look at me now – I’ve never been so happy in my life!” –Vera-Ellen stated at her homecoming celebration at Norwood High School in 1952. (The Post)

“Even a machine wears out” (Los Angeles Times)

“I still go every day…it’s a part of my life…it’s good for me physically and mentally and everything.” –Vera-Ellen speaks of her love of dancing, Los Angeles Times 1981

By Others:

“Vera was a very physical dancer like me. She could adapt her style, and Call Me Madam had every kind of number you could think of. When we danced together the great thing about her was that she didn’t try to upstage you. Women dancers sometimes try to lead. We worked together and every movement we did meant something.” -Donald O’Connor (eviltwinltd.com)

“She was the most dedicated, hardest working, talented and lovely young lady in our class…I am sure she studied under other coaches there as well. Her smile was beautiful.” -An ex dance classmate of Vera-Ellen

“I liked making it, probably because Vera-Ellen and I had some interesting dance ideas to keep us busy” –Fred Astaire speaks of working with Vera-Ellen on the film, The Belle of New York. (TCM)

“[She was] a marvelous gal who made me look good…She was extremely sweet-so very sweet- and she always had that smile on her face.”–Donald O’Connor, speaking of working with Vera-Ellen in, Call Me Madam.

“I think she was the best dancer outside of Peggy Ryan I ever danced with…I know for a fact that Astaire and Kelly truly respected her as a dancer; you can tell from the way they danced with her that they felt she was someone truly special.” -Donald O’Connor’s kind words about Vera-Ellen.

“Vera-Ellen was hired and then fired for having too much personality!” –Author’s comments on www.broadwaytovegas.com

“[During Perry Como’s randition of, “Bless This House] it becomes clear that Vera-Ellen is deeply affected by this number, probably more than the director would have wished. Her breathing is a bit irregular and she appears to be fighting back tears.” –An Author’s take on Vera-Ellen’s November 22, 1958 appearance on the Perry Como Show.

“She was as sweet as can be.” –Tony Martin, Vera-Ellen’s co-star in Lets Be Happy

“[Vera-Ellen] matched [Fred Astaire] in training and dedication. For once he was dancing with someone who was willing to rehearse even longer than he did.” -Bob Thomas, Astaire- The Man, the Dancer

“She was a real accomplished dancer, that girl…ballet, tap dancing, anything you wanted to do.” –Fred Astaire

“I would look at [Vera-Ellen’s] extensions and laugh[ed] because I could never do that.” –Debbie Reynolds -William Morrow & Co

"Vera-Ellen was one of the most wonderful human beings I've ever known." -Victor Mature, (victormatureradio.tripod.com)

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