On The Town!


About four months ago in July, I found myself at a party at a college dorm where a bunch of summer stock theater actors were staying during their visit in New York. Leave it to me.. I always somehow end up with actors! Anyway, we got to the party late about 1 AM and the place was hoppin!' The actors were of all ages and wearing all sorts of goofy, quirky outfits. I was wearing something a bit goofy myself, of course I'm always worried about my attire, but a lovely australian actress told me I looked pretty good, so I decided to say, "Screw it!" and wondered about to mingle.

Amongst the partiers was this older gentleman actor who I, of course hit it off with right off the bat. I had a lot to talk to him about...mostly, alright, ONLY old hollywood. The minute I mentioned Vera-Ellen he knew exactly who she was and when I threw out, "On The Town" he started singing the lyrics to the title song, "The Bronx is up, but the battery's down." My jaw just dropped. Another surreal moment: Me, in a college dorm with actors, not college students, in the wee hours of the morning talking about Vera-Ellen and On The Town.

Love it!


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