Thursday, September 21, 2017

Beauty | My Current Makeup Favorites

I have always been a fan of L'Oreal's products.  I have tried all of their liquid liners and my favorite so far is the newest one I've bought which is the voluminous liner noir.  I find that it is really easy to build up the intensity of the line and I have really good control of the wand while applying.  Who doesn't love a good drug store find?  Here are some other products I have been loving lately:
Love all Tom Ford Products and have fallen in love with this mauve shade!

The concealer that never creases!! Ever!!

The powder that makes you look airbrushed.

Obsessed with this palette for Fall/Winter!

Seriously, though?! The Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette is SO AMAZING! Look at the colors!!!  I love all the burgandy/red toned colors.  So beautiful!!!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fashion | My Most Worn Dress Of The Summer

This summer I was all about my vintage button down belted dress.  I loved its neutral color, length and wearable fabric.  I loved how chic it made me feel while out touring the streets of Portland, ME (above left) and in Quebec City (above right).  I absolutely love a good vintage find!!  Since this dress ended up being my GO TO dress of this summer, I'm searching for other button down dresses to add to my wardrobe.  Below are the chicest ones I could find:


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hair | Champagne Hair Treatment For Thick Beautiful Shiny Hair

I have to really work hard to make my hair look shiny and full of body.  All that work usually means TONS of product in my hair.  And the next day...not so cute.  Greasy hair full of product usually ends up in even MORE product in my hair which only damages it further!  I read that one of my favorite Old Hollywood stars, Vera-Ellen used to put champagne in her hair as a treatment to make her hair shiny and voluminous.  After conducting a bit of research, it turns out that champagne's grape seed extract contains many antioxidants.  Tartaric acid in the champagne also may aid in keeping your color looking fantastic as well.  I had to try this for myself.  Here are the steps I took to achieve beautiful, shiny and voluminous locks with a bottle of (cheap) champagne:

STEP ONE- Shampoo + Skip Conditioner:
I use love to use a cleansing oil like this one available for purchase at Sephora.  As we head into the winter months, my strands are going to need some TLC! 
STEP TWO- Apply 1 Cup Champagne:
Leaning over my bathtub, I poured the champagne all over my head and worked it through my strands using my fingertips.  Afterwards, I rang out my hair gently and wrapped it up in a towel and waited 15 minutes.  

STEP THREE- Condition + Rinse:
Next, I applied my favorite moisture rich, protecting conditioner and rinsed my hair thoroughly with cool water (cool water helps hair look its shiniest!)  I then towel dried my hair until just damp.
After applying my favorite heat protectant oil to my strands,  I blew my hair dry as normal with a round brush.  
STEP FIVE- Finishing Spray:
I used a finishing spray like this one from Sephora to help my hair look as shiny and healthy as possible.  

Wow.  I seriously can't believe that cheap champagne could make your hair look this amazing.  I will DEFINITELY be using this as a treatment again!  This must be the best kept hair hack of all time!  
Here are some photos I took to document my amazing results-


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Monday, September 18, 2017

Fashion | Styling Your Denim Jacket

Any outfit that includes a denim jacket will instantly give you an effortless, stylish look.  Here are my top 10 favorite ways to style a denim jacket. 

 Forever 21 Stud Denim Jacket

1.  Over White Shirt And Pencil Skirt 

2.  Denim on Denim- With Skinny Jeans  

3.  Denim on Denim - Denim Skirt

4.  Tied Around Your Waist

(photo: a love is blind)

5.  Mixed With Flowy, Feminine Skirt

6.  Denim on Denim on Denim - Paired with denim collared shirt and long denim skirt

7.  Denim Jacket With Military boots

8.  Denim Over Slipdress with loafers

9.  Over linen pants and heels

10.  Denim over dresses, long and short

 relaxed boyfriend denim long sleeve shirt


 Hudson  Levis trucker boyfriend  GuessFactory Denim Jacket  
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hair | How I Get Glossy, Textured Curls

celebrity inspired glossy, textured shiny curly hairstyle

For me, my end hair goal is to have go go to, super fast, quick and easy hairstyle.  I love experimenting with new products and have many favorites.  I received many questions on my instagram asking how I achieved this hair style and what products I used.  So here you go!

STEP ONE-  Wash and Prep Hair

I always give my hair a lot of love on shampoo days and make sure I am really massaging the scalp, which is going to help give my hair added lift later whilst styling.  This shampoo is the one I use which not only protects my colored hair but also adds extra volume!

I always use a heat protectant on my hair on styling days.  I have used this one for years and years.  I spray mostly at the ends because no one wants dry split ends!!

I then take my Bumble and Bumble Prep spray and lightly spray all over my hair avoiding the roots and work through with my fingertips.  This product does exactly what it says it will:  Preps your hair for the amount of work you're about to do to it!  This is another product I highly recommend and have been using for years.

STEP TWO-  Blow Dry & Curl

NEVER underestimate the power of a good blow dry.  I apply this volumizing curl mousse to my hair, only one pump.  I then, using only my fingers with my hairdryer on a low setting, blow dry hair (with no attachment yet) until hair is completely dry.   Then, working in sections, starting with the front, I curl my hair using my favorite flat iron.  I twist the hair around the flat iron.  If you're not sure how to do this, there are many youtube videos to show you the way.

STEP THREE-  Finishing Touch

After all my hair has been curled, I finish off the look by piecing out the curls using my fingertips.  I use a texturizing spray at my roots and piece the ends of my hair with this product.  Lastly, we all want a product that makes your hair shine and glossy.  I use this spray for the effect.


If there ever feels like I have TOO much product in my hair, I use a dry shampoo usually only at the roots and work it in with my fingertips.

Best of luck!



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